1. The entity providing services electronically is JTP Ptak sp. J., Based in Skawina (ul. Kopernika 30a 32-050 Skawina), entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for Kraków – Śródmieście, XII Commercial Department of National Court Register Court number: 0000421667, NIP: 9442243425, code: 12257780200000.
2. The Regulations specify:
a. the type and scope of services provided electronically.
b. The conditions for the provision of electronic services,
c. The technical requirements necessary to support the ICT system used by the Service Provider.
d. The conditions for conclusion and termination of contracts by electronic means,
e. The complaints procedure.
3. Regulations are the rules by which referred to in Art. 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002. the provision of services by electronic means (Dz.U.2013.1422 consolidated text as amended. d.)

The terms used in the regulations means:
a. Portal – a website
b. The service – the service provided by JTP Ptak sp. j. specified in § 3 of these Regulations provided electronically.
c. Service Provider – JTP Ptak sp. j.
d. Client – an entity using the services of JTP Ptak sp. j. being a natural person, legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality obliged to comply with these regulations.
e. The data communications system – a set of cooperating devices and software that provides processing and storage, as well as send and receive data via telecommunications networks by using appropriate for the type of network, terminal equipment within the meaning of the Act of 16 July 2004 Telecommunications Law (Dz. Laws 2014.243 jt as amended. d.).
f. Consumer – Client who is a natural person contracting in the field not directly related to his business or profession (in accordance with Art. 22 of the Act of 23 April 1964. (Dz.U.2014.121 consolidated text as amended. d.).

JTP Ptak sp. J. Provides services electronically of allowing the Client conclude a contract of mandate, pursuant to which the deposit by the Service order, JTP Ptak sp. J remains obligated to provide the Client tickets for the State Museum Auschwitz – Birkenau (ul. Prisoners of Auschwitz 20, 32-603 Auschwitz) in an amount ordered by the Client, and Client to receive the ticket and pay the agreed price.

1. In order to use the service must be installed Web browser Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, at least in the version from 2008 with access to the Internet.
2. In a web browser must be enabled, Java Script and allow the appending cookies.
3. The connection of the service is done using a secure SSL (128 bit key).
4. The service provider reserves the right to interrupt the session connection to the Recipient after 10 minutes after the last activity performed Client portal.
5. It is prohibited to by the Client illegal content.


1. Service Provider provides services electronically for consideration under these Regulations.
2. Terms of the Client is made available free on the website prior to the conclusion of the order so that the recipient had the possibility of obtaining, reproducing and fixing its content using information and communication system, which it uses.
3. The Client has the possibility of anonymous use of the portal, subject to paragraph 4.
4. In order to use the service that allows a contract order is required to send your request by email or fill out the form, which requires the application by the Service following data:
a. Name Surname.
b. Email address.

5. In special cases affecting the security and stability of the IT service provider has the right to temporarily restrict or suspend the provision of services without prior notice to the recipients and to carry out maintenance work on the portal in order to maintain the stability and security of data communications system.
6. The service provider is not liable for interruption of service resulting from the failure or malfunction of cases of ICT systems that are beyond the control of the Service Provider.

§ 6
1. The Service after completing the order form on the website made available by the Service Provider shall make an order indicating the amount of reserved tickets and making a selection Client’s convenient for date and time.
2. Client placing the order contains a Service Provider contract work service of this cultural event.
3. The fee for the service and reception tickets ordered are made by the Customer at the headquarters of JTP Ptak sp. J., Or in another agreed by the Service Provider and the Client place.
4. Prices of services published on this website are inclusive of VAT.
5. The Client has the ability to free cancellation of the contract made on a date not later than 14 days before the scheduled date of the service.
6. Service Provider reserves the right to charge the Client costs arising from cancellation of orders falling at a later date than that resulting from the wording of § 6 point 5 of the Rules of Procedure.

§ 7
1. Assuming an account on the website of the Service Provider or by filling out the order form provided by the Service Provider, Client consents to the processing of personal data and placing them in the database of the Service Provider, (being the data controller) for the purposes of the processing, the purpose of the contract.
2. Providing personal data and consent to the processing expressed by the Client remains necessary to fulfill the contract concluded with the Service Provider.
3. The Client is liable for providing false personal information.
4. Personal data Recipients are protected in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997. Personal Data Protection (Dz.U.2014.1182 consolidated text as amended. d.).
5. Recipients are entitled to view the content stored by the Service Provider of personal data, their changes and demand their removal.
1. Complaints of services provided by the Service should be directed in writing to the following address: JTP Ptak sp. J. Ul. Copernicus 30a, 32-050 Skawina.
2. The Client is obliged to file a complaint within 14 (fourteen) days counted from the date the cause of complaint.
3. The complaint filed by the Service should include a description of the problem, circumstances and date of its occurrence and the designation of the Client, ie. Name, address, e-mail address.
4. The service provider is obliged to consider the complaint within 30 days from receipt of the complaint to the address indicated in § 8 points. 1 of the Rules.
5. Information about the result, with which the complaint has been dealt with, depending on how its submission, the Client will be sent by post or by e-mail at the address indicated in the text of the complaint.
6. Service Provider reserves the possibility of leaving without the complaint filed after the deadline specified in § 8 paragraph. 2 of the Rules and does not contain personally identifiable person lodging the complaint.

§ 9
Due to the nature of the service provided by the Service Provider, pursuant to art. 38 points. 12 of the Act of 30 May 2014. about consumer rights (Dz. U. 2014.827), the Customer is not entitled to terminate the agreement.

§ 10
1. This section of the Rules and the provisions contained therein apply only to the Customers who are not consumers.
2. Service is entitled to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Recipient which is not a consumer within 14 days from the date of the agreement. Withdrawal can take place without giving the Client causes and not create by the Client for any claims with respect to the Service Provider.
3. Any disputes arising between the Service Provider and the Recipient which is not the consumer will be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Service Provider.

§ 11
1. These regulations took effect on 4.1.2013
2. In matters not covered in the rules are applicable generally applicable law.
3. The Service Provider is entitled to change these terms at any time.
4. Any changes to the rules will be published on the website and will come into force on the date of their announcement.