• Will I receive a full refund if I resign from a tour?

Yes, but only it you cancel your reservation 14 days before the time of your tour. If you cancel your reservation less then 14 days before, You will have to pay the reservation fee.

  • What I should do, If I want to change the date of my tour? Does it require additional charge

No, it doesn’t require an additional charge, but only if you change the date of you tour 14 days before the date of your originally reserved tour.

  • What currency can I pay in?

We prefer Polish Zloty as it is the official currency in Poland.

No, it must be a professional guide from Museum, It can’t be a person from the outside.

Yes, You can take  photos but without the use of a flash units or tripods. You must remember that you should behave with the appropriate solemnity and respect.